Alfred Constantine

Victoria's distant father.


Alfred Constantine is arrogantly affluent, coming from and adding to a continuous line of men and women like himself. The Constantine family has never really done much more than manage previously made investments, and it just so happened that Tanner Constantine, Alfred’s father, had conceived a passion for old manuscripts and incunabula. His passion turned out to be the family’s next investment, containing within it a variety of the old secrets of power. As Seattle reorganized and grew after the Awakening, he unlocked some of those secrets, traded others, sold some, and kept the rest. The Constantine family is a founding member of the Redwood Circle, the group of relatively independently rich and powerful persons that established the eponymous walled and guarded community North of Seattle.

Alfred has always considered his wife’s role to be largely ornamental, and although he approves of his daughter’s status as a popular violinist, he has no particular affection for her. He’s well aware of the social cost of appearing to be as callous as he actually is, and especially in public he is profuse in his declarations of pride in Victoria. He knows that she spends much of her time on the net, but doesn’t particularly care. He assumes she’s shopping or talking with friends or whatever it is girls do.

Alfred Constantine

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