Val's semi-famous admirer on the net.


Killian (a.k.a.: Skillian a.k.a.: Killy) is the net handle of a minor celebrity in hackerdom. He keeps details about himself close, but is probably human, and probably lives in the U.S. His fame came from hacking into a minister’s home net and using the man’s own cameras to record his abuse of a parishioner’s young daughter. It likely wouldn’t have mattered much, but the daughter belonged to the administrative caste instead of the menial caste, and the former holy man was burnt alive in Asheville shortly after.

His actual hacking abilities are modest, and at this point are kept pretty well occupied in maintaining his own secrecy. He has, however, accumulated a small cloud of net followers, and would seem to be pretty well connected to the gossip vine. He doesn’t know what Val looks like – not that she knows what he looks like – but he’s decided her voice sounds hot. He also admires her intelligence and daring. He provides her with ideas and sort of social reconnaisance on targets and vulnerabilities in exchange for the pleasure of her company.


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