Wu Dawei

Xiaofeng's cousin; Green movement fanatic


Wu Dawei is Xiaofeng’s cousin, the son of an uncle on his father’s side of the family. Easily swayed, Dawei is nonetheless possessed of a certain base cunning, and has internalized the Wu family’s embrace of ‘natural’ lifestyles to such an extent that he, at the age of 22, after a string of failed jobs, was recruited into an extremist Green group. Dawei had worked in a lot of low places and is intimately familiar with various low-grade establishments – he can tell you the layout of the average store just by looking at the sign. Similarly, he has a good grasp of ‘types’ of people – he can tell you someone’s favorite band if he knows the store they work in or the make of their shoe. Both skills aid his cell as he insinuates himself into a building or position and leaves an opening for them to exploit.

Dawei’s ‘greatest exploit’ was his use of Xiaofeng’s security codes to arrange the attack that cost Xiaofeng his job. He still runs with the remnant of that cell, and Xiaofeng has long since located him, but sees little purpose in turning him in. He occasionally contacts Dawei for aid, but the two don’t get along well and Dawei often expects payment (cash or info) for any favor he performs.

Dawei practices internal martial arts, but only as a method of staying in shape and flirting with the women he meets in classes. He is not Awakened and has little practical combat expertise; at the end of the day he’s at best a clever bully with some crazed friends over whom he has little real control. The cell in which he has influence is composed of people with similar ages and backgrounds – outraged and violent young men who as yet lack a clear vision to guide them.

Wu Dawei

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