Ing Guei

anti-social technomancer


Guei is a small, unhealthy-looking human. He’s young, but his extremely pale skin and skinny frame frequently cause people to misjudge his age. Guei has mostly black hair, with one streak of green running backward from above his right eye. No one ever notices him having to re-dye it. Guei’s clothing is not at all noteworthy. He wears whatever is moderately comfortable, as long as he can easily curl up into the small spaces he prefers when connected to the Matrix, which he is more often than not. Guei puts almost no emphasis on physical comfort. He has one scar, about an inch long, beginning on his forehead just below the green streak of his hair, and reaching back into his hairline.


Guei rarely talks about his family or personal life prior to meeting Xiaofeng and being brought into the Shadowrunner group. They know his surname, Ing, is his mother’s maiden name, which he adopted when he took the name “Guei” (ghost) for himself. Guei has been living on his own for quite some time, and has accumulated an intimate knowledge of the coffin hotels of Seattle and the surrounding area.

Guei discovered his technomancer skills at a young age, when he was about 9. His skills were minimal at first, but his already shy nature led him to prefer inanimate objects to other metahumans. Before long he was a skilled technomancer who hardly ever interacted with his peers. He left home when he was fourteen, but he never talks about why. In the past five years, Guei has existed mostly in the Matrix and wireless world, and except for a few coffin hotel managers and other peripheral characters he hardly interacts with physical people. One evening, Guei found himself caught in the crossfire between a human man and a troll. Guei shut down the troll’s gun, cyber eyes, and commlink in a matter of moments, saving both humans’ lives. The man, Guei discovered by hacking his commlink, was Wu Xiaofeng. Xiaofeng attempted to exchange contact information with Guei, but Guei (extremely shaken) high-tailed it away to a coffin hotel where he stayed for the next week straight. He continued to pop in and out of Xiaofeng’s commlink without him being aware, however, occasionally playing pranks on him. Eventually, Xiaofeng asked his associate Val to examine his commlink and Guei’s presence was discovered. Xiaofeng (who Guei finds extremely intimidating) and Val convinced Guei to join the team.

The sudden introduction of 5 people into his life was quite a change for Guei, unused to having more than 2 people regularly involved in his life and those not for several years. Meeting Jack was particularly noteworthy for Guei. The exuberant, friendly sammy elf encourages Guei to interact with people outside of the Matrix. Jack has so much cyberware in his body that Guei can’t help but feel slightly more comfortable around him because he’s as much tech as person.

Ing Guei

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