Doc Roc

A elven doctor with an affection for "improvements."


(loyalty 3, connections 3) Doc Roc is an unsettling sort of person to be around. Large portions of his body have been replaced, and despite his commitment to realistic looking implants, people can usually tell that there’s something slightly off about him. This disconcerting feeling is made worse by the good doctor’s tendency to stare at people speculatively and give unsolicited advice about how they might “improve themselves.”


The guy who did Jack’s implants for him. Considers himself an artist an artist in flesh, metal, and plastic. Prides himself on things that look more or less natural. Knows who to talk to get good cyberware and bioware. He’s lived in Deerhollow for a number of years and is an unofficial member of the militia. He knows the top members well and they give him some of his most steady business.

Doc Roc

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