Jack (the Ripper)

A sammy elf


Jack is tall, even by elven standards, and very thin. He emphasizes this with the long dark coat he wears for armor whenever he goes outside. It looks enough like a normal leather trench coat to not attract attention, but not enough like one to stand-up to close inspection. This is a good rule of thumb for Jack more generally. At first glance he doesn’t look like a vatjob. His eyes are a natural color and his only concession to a synthetic appearance is the very common addition of fiberoptic hair (usually multicolored). Long sleeves provide camouflage for his synthetic right arm. But nothing is truly hidden or actually disguised, so it wouldn’t take much effort for a curious person to decide that he isn’t quite what he seems, or even that he’s more dangerous than he looks.

He wears his hair about medium length, so it just brushes his shoulders when its down, but back most of the time, preferring to show off his distinctive ears. Piercings in his lobes and just at the point where the cartilage would begin to curve on a human are designed to draw his ears a little extra attention. His clothing is eclectic, embracing the styles of the previous century, as well as current Asian fashion and modern Seattle industrial. Despite this he tends to look remarkably the same day to day, due to the ever-present long black coat. Heavy boots finish out most ensembles.

Growing up in the Deerhollow militia, Jack never had much experience with discrimination or favoritism and is thus, both very proud to be an elf and fairly oblivious to the sort of favor shown to elves over other metatypes. Not that it might be shown to him. Like many people with large amounts of cybernetic implants, Jack’s presence can be somewhat off-putting, a fact to which Jack is also largely oblivious. He tends toward unfocused enthusiasm and tries to be friendly with everyone—right up until the point where he decides he needs to kill them.


Jack grew up as an orphaned elf in a tough town. Lucky for him he ended up on Deerhollow Circle with a group of like-minded individuals. He and his family friend Kent got together with the elves in the neighborhood and formed an all elf gang. They made a name for themselves by beating up bullies and defending younger elves from outsiders. As they grew older, Jack realized that an all elf gang was just a touch racist, and despite opposition from some of the members, he opened up membership to anyone who wanted to defend their relatively small neighborhood.

Cybernetic implants weren’t exactly “the thing to do” on Deerhollow, but with so many of the group’s members specializing in magic, Jack wanted to set himself apart while still gaining an edge in a fight. When he was about 20 he met Doc Roc. The doctor specialized in implants that were as realistic and as streamlined as possible, and considered himself an artist in metal, plastic, and flesh. When Jack saw what cybernetics could do, a beautiful friendship was born, and since the good doctor lived right there on Deerhollow turf he became Jack’s go-to guy for implants.

Ten years later, Jack had earned the name “Jack the Ripper” because of his quick blade work and the medical knowledge he had picked up from hanging around Doc Roc’s clinic. By the time Xiao Feng came looking for someone fast and dangerous, he had out-grown all his associates (except Kent, the gunslinger adept) and all the sorts of fights that a militia like his was likely to get into. Jack was quick to leave the gang for a more exciting life. He relinquished his leadership position to Kent (who had been leader in all but name for ages anyway) and left Deerhollow on amiable terms.

There was little resentment about Jack’s departure, especially since he appointed Kent as the new leader, a move which some factions had already been pushing for, though Jack found out only after the fact. Kent acts as more of a diplomat than an aggressive leader or a staunch defender, mediating between the various militias around them and sometimes acting as an envoy to groups farther afield. He does his job well, and makes sure that his neighborhood remains a relatively nice place to live. The old gang is always glad to see Jack, but things a little awkward. Jack feels a little guilty about leaving, and suspicious since he found about the plans for a coup, and the remaining members are worried by the presence of someone who has obviously surpassed them and moved into a world full of things they aren’t interested in dealing with. He still maintains an apartment on Deerhollow, but tends to crash at headquarters, preferring the sense of belonging he gets from his Shadowrunning group to the feeling of being an outsider in his old home.

Jack (the Ripper)

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