Kent (O'Mally)

Leader of the Deerhollow Militia


(loyalty 3, connections 3) Kent is an elf of average height and build. Unlike his friend Jack, he avoids cybernetics and all related genres of implants like a cyberplague. This is unsurprising since he’s a gunslinger adept. He does dye his hair green and decorate his skin with henna tattoos in order to stand out from the crowd and fit in with the other elves in the militia.


Current leader of the “Deerhollow Milita,” Jack’s old gang. He was Jack’s second, back when Jack was in charge. Kent taught his friend everything he knows about guns, and is a better leader than Jack ever was. He keeps up contacts with many of the gangs and militias in the area and knows a bit about where get good gear.

When Paramount moved into Seattle en force, Deerhollow was close enough to face takeover within the first week. But the corporate representatives turned out to be fairly civil. Though they moved in with paramilitary forces and vehicles, their first approach to the local militia was diplomatic. They approached Kent in person, and offered him a job. Though it came with a compulsory 6 month training trip in Brazil, Kent accepted the offer, believing that he could see which way the wind was blowing, and that he was doing what was ultimately best for the neighborhood by offering cooperation. He placed his second in charge, with orders to keep things cool, both with Paramount and with Jack and took off for Brazil with high hopes.

Kent (O'Mally)

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